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Employee satisfaction at a glance - updated weekly


Work climate visualization

All data is presented in a clear, structured way, so it can be accessed quickly and easily. The Admin-Dashboard gives an overview of the key-elements.

Timesaving mood tracking

The weekly mood tracking can be done within 30 seconds via web login, apps or a stationary terminal. Fast and simple, usable for all branches such as offices, gastronomy and the retail sector.

Active employer branding

If your employees moods are good, CompanyMood will recommend to do a review on an employer review site. This way your employer branding gets automated.

Anonymous or transparent

Choose between anonymized and transparent mood tracking. Adapt the employee mood tracking easily to your company culture.

Recreating your company

Create a 1:1 model of your company, mapping the departments and subdepartments. Get detailed analyses for each department and employee.

Suggestion Box

Offer your employees an outlet for criticism, complaints and suggestions. Let them choose their preferred way of doing so: anonymously or revealing the author's name.

Free for up to 10 employees

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Increase productivity
Happy employees are up to 20% more productive in the worklplace.
Promote creativity
Empower an up to three times higher creativity of happy employees.
Agile Decision Making
Constantly improve employee satisfaction based on feedback instead of guesswork

When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.

James Sinegal


Data security & safety

We take privacy seriously and host exclusively on European servers to ensure compliance with European data privacy laws. Any communication will be encoded with 256-bit SSL.

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