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With the stationary terminal app for Android and iPad Tablets, employees without pc access can submit their mood review across all branches like production facilities, retail industry, gastronomy and more.

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Get our Terminal apps

Stationary terminals for local feedback

Our terminal apps allow employees without PC access to participate in continuous feedback. Installed on standard tablets (iOS / Android), the Terminal App is connected to the existing CompanyMood account. Your employees benefit from the flexible participation without login. Terminals are designed to allow easy assessment of employee satisfaction in different areas where employees do not have access to their own PC. If the continuous feedback collection is to involve all employees, our terminals are indispensable for companies with commercial employees. Terminals can be used for one or more departments (department selection before evaluation). Install our free Android / iOS app on a standard tablet with an internet connection and you're set. <h1>What do I need for this?</h1> <ol> <li>- an Android tablet or iPad (from iPad 2)</li> <li>- a tablet stand or wall mount</li> <li>- a working internet connection (WLAN)</li> <li>- the free CompanyMood Terminal App</li> </ol> <h1>How do I set up the terminals?</h1> Setting up a terminal does not take much time. All you need to activate a terminal is: <ol> <li>- Name and description of the terminal</li> <li>- Department(s) that are allowed a mood rating on the terminal</li> <li>- Number of employees per department to limit the mood scores</li> </ol> More information about our terminals can be found in our help center

CompanyMood terminals are used in following industries:

  • Gastronomy/Hotel Industry

  • Retail Stores

  • Healtcare

  • Industry/Manufacturing

  • Storages/Logistics

  • Transport/Traffic