CompanyMood Founder Markus Schwed and Orlando PolicicchioCompanyMood Founder Markus Schwed and Orlando Policicchio
Orlando Policicchio

Co-Founder / Marketer

Markus Schwed

Co-Founder / Head of tech stuff

About Us

CompanyMood started in 2012 as a private project and soon enjoyed great popularity with colleagues and friendly entrepreneurs. Due to increasing demand and the belief that regular employee feedback is a key factor in a company's success, since 2014 CompanyMood is helping organizations around the world to measure and sustain employee satisfaction.

We are looking forward to support the cultural change in the workplace

Growth to 1200 customers, seed financing and new team members

Winner of the Startup Summit Germany

We are growing with over 350 customers from 15+ countries

We excited Beta with 150 customers

CompanyMood was oficially founded and available in beta

We started offering the tool for free to select companies

CompanyMood started as an in-house project

Our Team

  • Orlando Policicchio

    Orlando Policicchio

    Co-Founder / Marketer

    In my role as marketer, I'm responsible for business & product development. In close contact and exchange with our users, I take care of optimizations and features, which make CompanyMood a better tool for your business.

  • Markus Schwed

    Markus Schwed

    Co-Founder / Head of tech stuff

    I'm a Co-Founder and developer of @CompanyMood, Organizer of @RUGSaar, loving father, technology nerd, SaaS enthusiast and OSS lover.

  • Michel Eggebrecht

    Michel Eggebrecht

    Consultant and Trainer

    I advise companies on economic-psychological issues and the implementation of CompanyMood, train executives to successfull work with continuous feedback and drive forward research projects.

  • Thomas Himbert

    Thomas Himbert

    Senior Ruby Developer

    With more than 10 years of experience in ruby on rails, I support the team to take CompanyMood to the next level by implementing machine learning and text analysis.

  • Stephanie Wörz

    Stephanie Wörz

    Business Development

    As a master psychologist specializing in industrial and organizational psychology, I work in the field of business development and provide my colleagues with psychological expertise to help them develop CompanyMood.