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With the CompanyMood Apps for Android and Apple iOS, employees can comfortably participate in the rating via smartphone.

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With the CompanyMood Apps for Android and Apple iOS, employees can comfortably participate in the rating via smartphone.

Employee feedback from everywhere

Our mobile apps for Android and Apple smartphones allow comfortable evaluation of employees' mood while on the move. Your field, sales or on-site staff members can participate in the evaluation at any time. The apps automatically remind users to join via push messages and provide up-to-date news from the company and our blog.

The apps are available in 11 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese) and are free of charge. Registration in the app requires an existing CompanyMood account or QR Code.

QR Code - participate via app without login

With the QR Code, your employees can use the app without any individually account and can participate in the mood rating and surveys that way. You only need to create a QR code in our system which is connected to a department (for reviews on department level) or for the whole company. The QR code system is only available for anonymous participation, while it still shows some basic department information to the participating users.

Which features do the apps offer?


See your departments' work climate, topics and newest activities like events, statements or actions on your personal dashboard.

Mood barometer

Submit your regular mood and topics rating directly in the app. It has never been easier to give feedback to your managers or company.

Suggestions box

The suggestion box empowers you to submit feedback like ideas, criticism or praise at any time.

Actions / Measures

Stay informed about planned and current actions based on the feedback and react to these changes.

Push Messages

Decide wether you want to receive push messages for incoming reactions on your feedback, news or simply to remind you to participate in the regular mood rating.


You can choose more than 10 languages to setup your prefered environment and use the feedback in your native language (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, PT, RU, DK, EE, LT).

Data Privacy

CompanyMood guarantees 100% anonymity on team level with an anonymization system, which has proven itself for years in companies with 15 - 10,000 employees.).


Use a standard email and password authorization, our QR-Code or third-party logins like MS O365, Google or Apple to easily access your CompanyMood account.