Happy teams can be31%more productive

Happy employees in average benefit from a 31% increase in productivity, up to 37% higher sales turnover and from a three times higher creativity.


Employee mood reviews

In only one minute a week (via web or mobile app) your employees can give you access to simple and reliable mood monitoring across all branches like offices, facilities, gastronomy, retail and transport industry.

Mood barometer and

The evaluation by mood and topics delivers significant data to support your leaders and HR taking the right decisions.

Suggestions Box

The Suggestion-Box empowers your employees to submit feedback like ideas, criticism or praise at anytime. Never miss an important suggestions or idea from your team.


Mark milestones, management changes, team events and other major events whose impact you’d like to monitor.

Industry Insights

Benchmark your company’s employee satisfaction against the industry average across 42 industries.

Automated Reports
and exports

Weekly PDF reports sent straight to your inbox and exports in CSV and XLS formats to build individual reports with your HR data. Sample Report

The badge of a great working climate

When you sign up for Company Mood, you’ll get the option to add our badge to your website and shows potential applicants and visitors how much your company cares about employee happiness.

Plans for everyone, starting with a free plan for up to 10 employees

Your advantages

Improve your company's:

  • Work place quality

  • Decision-making process

  • Team productivity and creativity

Increase your:

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Retention

  • Employee Engagement

Never miss on:

  • Significant changes in work climate

  • Important topics and matters

  • Organisation strengths and weak-points