Remote or Home Office - Feedback for absent teams

If you work with remote teams or you teams are in home office because of COVID-19, leading at distance can be challenging. CompanyMood offers you actionable insights into the mood and trending topics of your teams.

  • Also successful in the home office
    Also successful in the home office
    Remote teams and home offices require new strategies from companies, management and executives. When teams are not on site and social exchange is lacking, an empathetic leadership style is required in addition to good digital processes. CompanyMood supports all parties involved in this process.
    • Dashboard
    • Mood barometer
    • Surveys
  • Recognising new challenges
    Recognising new challenges
    The shift to New Work and more flexible working time models, requires more employee feedback compared to annual surveys. This allows companies to respond promptly to new challenges and act proactively, rather than reacting expensively to the consequences of a lack of feedback.
    • Departments and teams
    • Trends and Topics
    • Statements and Event-Pins
  • Keeping an eye on the mood
    Keeping an eye on the mood
    When staff members are no longer on site, office gossip and relaxed conversations over coffee are not possible. This makes it much more difficult to know the mood of the team. With its mood barometer, CompanyMood helps to digitally record the mood in the team.
    • Mood barometer
    • PDF Reports
    • Departament/area managers
  • Communication and transparency
    Communication and transparency
    With its dashboard via web/app, CompanyMood offers an overview of one's own team, its mood and relevant topics at any time. This way, both employees and managers are always in the picture and can easily communicate with each other.
    • Dashboard
    • Department Insights
    • Actions/Measure management